Stored Grain Pest

Stored Grain Pest

Stored Product Pests

When you store food such as grain, specific types of pests can quickly move in and ruin your entire product. From dried foods to dog kibble and dried flowers, all these items are susceptible to the stored grain pests. From weaver bugs to spider beetles, these nasty critters are responsible for significant damages and losses.

Apna Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control services ensuring your needs are met with the efficiency and the effectiveness that it deserves. When your food is affected by stored grain pests, it is no longer fit for consumption or use. With specialized pest control services, we at Apna Pest Control help determine effective and efficient techniques to eradicate these pests.

Our experienced and professional team will determine the most precise steps that you should take to protect your products from another invasion. Call on us and we will deliver comprehensive treatments for stored product pests.

Frequently Asked Question about Stored Grain Pest

What are the problems with the Storage of Grains?

Storing grains is very beneficial but it can be a problem if you don’t know how to store the grains for the long term. They can be get damaged by the temperature, humidity, and pests. Some species of insects feed on stored grains. When people do not care about these major issues they can destroy the food in long-term storage.

What are stored grain Pests?

Some species of insects only feed on the stored grains. They cause damage to the stored food and make their living. When you store the grains for a long time, make sure you have stored them properly at a dry and cool temperature.

How can I save my grains from pests?

It’s better to be safe than sorry. When you store your grains for a long time make sure you are keeping in mind all the important aspects to avoid any damage. Here are some ways to make your grains safe from pests attack:

  • Dry the grains completely before storing
  • Keep the stored area moisture-free
  • Deep clean the grains bin
  • Control the temperature of the bin
  • Use insects repellent
  • Inspect grains regularly

How stored grains are get damaged by Pests?

Pests develop over time in the grain bins. Insects attack the grains and reduce their nutritional value, weight, and market value. Primary grain insects attack the whole grain and are apart from it. Secondary pests only attack the damaged grain that is left behind by the primary pests.

What kind of insects eat stored grains?

Feed storage is the main source of grain insects. There is some kind of insects that feed on the stored grains and damage them. Here are some common kinds that can eat the stored grains:

  • Lesser grain borer
  • Granary Weevil
  • Rice Weevil
  • Angoumois grain moth

How storage temperature condition affects Pest control?

The temperature of the grain storage is very important to keep the insects away from the grains. You can maintain the temperature of the grains bin to stop the growth of the pests. Insects cannot survive at 25°F, so you can get the benefit by setting the temperature of your storage place at this level.

How did Pest Control Experts help to eliminate stored grain Insects?

Experts will free up the bin by the grains and check the type of pests that are damaging your grains. Experts will apply the chemical treatment that is not harmful to your pets and children. They will remove damaged grains that can attract secondary insects to the bin. They will use non-toxic before putting the grains in the bin.

How to control stored grain pests without pesticides?

The most effective way to keep your grains free from pests is to avoid them. You can control the pests without pesticides by:

  • Grain cleaning before storage
  • Sanitation of the storage bin
  • Control the temperature of the bin

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