Rodent Control


Let’s face it, no one wants to share their home with a rat! Unfortunately, rats in the home are a reality and without the correct types of intervention and care, these creatures can quickly proliferate and take over your home as you know it. For expertise in rat control Vancouver and surrounding areas can benefit from the assistance of our pest control services and technicians. The average rat is characterized by its size. While these rodents typically live outdoors, colonies can quickly find your house an attractive source of food and shelter. Should you spot the large bodies small eared rodent scurrying across your living room, call on Apna Pest Control.

At Apna Pest Control we offer comprehensive pest control services to assist in removing rats from your property and preventing these critters from moving back in. We get rid of those dirty and disease carrying unwanted guests once and for all with rat control surrey. With our specialized approach and precision techniques, we are able to identify where rats have invaded your home and your business. Our trapping and bait solutions are highly customized. We aim to ensure that all techniques are safely integrated.

To protect your property from rats, we advise on preventative strategies that help avoid a future infestation or even a single rat from sharing your home with you. The technician will make recommendations for professional pest control services if signs of entry points are uncovered. Pest control services delivered by Apna Pest Control are truly second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rat Control

How do Rats get into the House?

Rats are a very clever creation, they can compress their bodies and get into the house from a very small area or even a hole. They can hold their breath to swim in the water and get into the house via the toilet. Their strong teeth help them to make their entranceways easily.

What do rats eat?

What they want to eat depends on the area where they are living. It’s a myth that rats can eat everything they can bite and chew. They attract to sweet things but they can eat meat too. They can eat garbage and other things that people throw away.

Where do rats live?

Rats have many species. Every type of rat lives differently. Some types of rats can climb on the trees and they live in wild areas. Some of them can swim and can hold their breath in water. They can go anywhere in search of food. Whether it’s a garbage thrown place or a bakery, they can live in any area where they find food.

Do Rats Bite?

Rats have very strong teeth, they can bite you if you try to catch them. Their bites can be very painful due to their powerful and sharp teeth. Their strong bite can cause Rat Bite Fever and can be the reason for some serious illnesses. Rat-bite contains bacteria that can be harmful to humans. Seek medical attention quickly if you are bitten by a Rat.

How do get rid of rats in the House?

It’s very annoying to find out rats in your house. You can use some house products to trap them. But getting help from professional services is the best option. Professionals can easily locate them and help you to get rid of them.

Are professional’s Rat control Products harmful to Pets?

When you get professional help to remove pests from your home, they will use registered products that are labeled as pet safe. But it will be good to keep them away from the area during the rat control services. Keep them in a safe place until the area is clean and dried. Do what the professional service providers advise you during the process.

Do Rats Smell?

Rats are very dirty because they live in garbage areas in search of food. Whether it’s a toilet or a throwaway area they will search for food. That’s why it’s obvious they will smell very bad.

How long is the process of Rats Control Services?

A rat control services provider may not tell you the exact time but they can give you the idea according to your area. Professionals will visit your place and try to locate the entrance of rats. You have to take care of your children and pets during the process to keep them safe from any chemicals.

Are the Companies provide a guarantee to remove rats?

Company professionals provide you with a guarantee of some months or years based on the area and the pest type. You can hire them for an occasional deep checkup of your house. Commercial area owners prefer to hire services that can provide a deep checkup of the building after some months or a year.

How to find the best Rodent Control Service?

No one wants to waste money on the wrong selection of professional services. Before you sign the contract ask them about the experience, packages, products they will use, and the time. You can find all your answers by calling the company. Make sure you have checked the reviews on the company website. They will help you to select the best company with a good reputation.