Mice Control Vancouver

Homes in the Greater Vancouver Area are often invaded by mice. These tiny creatures can make their way through the smallest cracks and crevices. A mouse is easily identified by its small size, grey to brown body and larger ears. You will most likely suspect that you have been invaded by rodents when you hear scratches and scurrying during the night because these creatures are nocturnal. The major problems with rodents include their ongoing defecation, urination and breeding. If you are often searching for “mice removal Vancouver” then look no further!

Apna Pest Control is your trusted professional in managing a rodent outbreak. We are experienced in handling the smallest invasions to the largest infestations where many rodents were responsible for the destruction of the property. With Apna Pest Control we provide comprehensive mice removal surrey solutions to ensure your home remains free from even the tiniest rodents.

Mouse Treatment

If you suspect that your home is affected by mice, do not clean or remove any of your findings. We perform a thorough inspection including an assessment of the dark rice grain droppings left behind by pesky rodents. Based on our investigation, we can determine whether you have mice and the plan of action needed to remove the problem from your home. With our services in pest control Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey and surrounding communities can take advantage of our services. Our highly certified and experienced technicians assist with traps, baits and preventative measures to ensure these creatures are successfully removed.


Prevent rodents from finding your home appealing by keeping your food cabinets clean and food items sealed.

Check your property for cracks, holes and points of entry into the house.

Do not leave bird seed exposed and clean feeders in the evening.

Remove property debris including garden matter.

All food and water should be stored in tight fitting lids this includes garbage containers

Bird feeders should be cleaned very regularly

Seal any holes around doors, windows and roofs

Eliminate potential harborage sites nest the house such as firewood, discarded furniture, and any equipment which is not in use