Pest control services

One of the best thing you can do for your family and home is to keep them protected from pests like rats, will cockroaches, ants, mice etc. It is good to maintain a pest free home or commercial building with minimum use of toxic chemicals. As we know pests are everywhere, but it can be hard to find where pests are hiding. They can also cause serious health issues and can damage to your home or commercial building. Apna pest control provides you professional residential and commercial pest control services all across Canada.

Pest control services:

Apna pest control provides residential as well as commercial pest control services across Canada.

  • Residential pest control service:

We provide the best residential pest control services to our customers as our process is simple. First, our friendly, trained and licensed experts will come to your place and inspect your home and yard to uncover potential issues. We know where these pests i.e. spiders, rats, rodents etc. like to live and lurk, our experts will pinpoint those areas and provide you a customized program to eliminate entry points and nests. Second, our Pest Technician will take care of any identified problems and then install pest monitoring tools in critical areas with best tools and scientific solutions.

  • Commercial pest control service:

Our commercial programs are custom and are made to tailor each individual business, our programs effectively target the nuisance pests and provide preventive and continuous control throughout your specified program schedule. We provide commercial services to restaurants, hotels, industries etc. all across the Lower Mainland.

Apna pest control is available to you 24/7 because we know when you find pest in your home or commercial building you want them to go as quickly as possible. We have professional and experienced experts and with their services they have proven that they know what they are doing. They are licensed and certified, they provide services with full customer satisfaction, due to our cost-effective solutions, proactive prevention with minimum impact on your budget and we use the best quality product and equipment to eliminate pests. We are the best pest control company in the Lower Mainland and our at your service!