Richmond Pest Control


Pests in your house can be a real headache for you. They can attack your home and can be hazard for your and your family’s health. If you tired of these entire pests, then it’s time for you to give us a call. If you live in Richmond, then you should not be worried about these pests as Apna pest control is known to be one of the most famous and best pest control Richmond providers. Apna Pest Control is a certified pest control service provider company that has the best and experienced technicians that will eradicate any pests from your property and gives you the best strategies for avoiding these pests coming into your place.

Apna Pest Control came into being in 2003 by Tariq Khan. Tariq has many years’ experience in the pest control industry for both residential and commercial area. He completed his master’s degree in entomology. You will come to realized on your own that how Tariq and his team of technicians work best for you and that they keep every important hygiene and health factor in mind while providing you with their best services. Apna pest control is a company that you can fully trust when you want to remove these pests from your house permanently. All the technicians of Apna Pest Control are chosen after passing a certain test and requirements. They all are licensed with the Ministry of Environment. Apna Pest Control is always on the top when we talk about the best pest control companies in Surrey, Vancouver and Richmond.

Types of pests’ Apna Pest Control deal with:

Apna Pest Control deals with all kinds of pest and mentioned below are two of the most common pests we deal with

  • Mice

Imagine you are sitting with your guest in your home and suddenly a mice runs from one corner of your house to other and the worst thing that the guest saw it as well. It will obviously make you feel embarrassed in front of your guest. To avoid such situation, always call an experienced pest control company such as ours instead of trying to remove the pests from your house on your own. The people living in Richmond can have the best pest control services in Richmond by Apna Pest Control.


  • Fleas

Fleas are the worst thing one could get in their house. They can give you the most disgusting feeling ever. Moreover, they are the major cause of nausea among people. Fleas can give you itchy bites and can leave blood spot on your bed sheet and other furniture. Fleas can also go out of control if they are not stopped immediately and if precautionary measures for their removal are not taken on time. Apna pest control services in Richmond has the most experienced technicians that come to your place and remove all the fleas from your house permanently and tell you the reason why these pests are coming to your home so can take proper measures to avoid these creepy insects.