Rodent Control


Let’s face it, no one wants to share their home with a rat! Unfortunately, rats in the home are a reality and without the correct types of intervention and care, these creatures can quickly proliferate and take over your home as you know it. For expertise in rat control Vancouver and surrounding areas can benefit from the assistance of our pest control services and technicians. The average rat is characterized by its size. While these rodents typically live outdoors, colonies can quickly find your house an attractive source of food and shelter. Should you spot the large bodies small eared rodent scurrying across your living room, call on Apna Pest Control.

At Apna Pest Control we offer comprehensive pest control services to assist in removing rats from your property and preventing these critters from moving back in. We get rid of those dirty and disease carrying unwanted guests once and for all with rat control surrey. With our specialized approach and precision techniques, we are able to identify where rats have invaded your home and your business. Our trapping and bait solutions are highly customized. We aim to ensure that all techniques are safely integrated.

To protect your property from rats, we advise on preventative strategies that help avoid a future infestation or even a single rat from sharing your home with you. The technician will make recommendations for professional pest control services if signs of entry points are uncovered. Pest control services delivered by Apna Pest Control are truly second to none.